Solar PV Products

Home lighting Solution

We offer following standard set of home PV solutions.

Product Code Details Description
BLS1040 40W PV System Basic PV solution to that can support 4 DC lights.
BLS1080 80W PV System Home PV solution to support 4 lights and a fan.
BLS1120 120W PV system This system can support all lighting needs in a home, including fan and limited usage of television.
BLS1220 220W PV system True PV system, that supports basic energy requirement of single phase equipments in a home.

Community Solar Solution

Our community solar solution is tailor made to suite modern apartments, and community living spaces. Customers can opt from one of the solutions below, and generate power from their balconies and feed it back to the grid.

Product Code Details Description
BLS2040 40W GridTie System Basic community solar power for apartments.
BLS2080 80W GridTie System Cost effective community solar power for apartments.
BLS2010 Custom design Custom design solar power plants for community common area requirements.

Rural lighting Solution

Our rural lighting system, cater to small rural homes, for basic lighting needs. Cost is the primary factor of consideration while designing these systems.

Product Code Details Description
BLSR1010 10W PV System Basic PV solution to support 2 lights in a rural home.
BLSR1007 Solar Bulb Cost effective fully integrated solar bulb, to eliminate usage of kerosene lamps in rural homes.