Blueray Solar is a renewable energy consulting company, engaged in providing cost effective solar solutions to customers. We believe that basic power needs for daily usage, can be generated using solar PV solutions. With our extensive experience and research in this space, we can offer excellent solution and long term support to our customers.

Our tag line is "Sun light to Fun Light". Our aim is to see at the least one solar panel installed in roof top in India, by 2020.

Story of Blueray Solar

It was our founder Shashi's dream to promote renewable energy in India, where abundant solar light source is available. Having spent a decade in US and majority of his time in California, he was sure that PV is the best solution to address power crisis in India. With this idea and a commitment to use Solar PV for his home and office, he started Blueray Solar.Today Blueray Solar office equipments and lightings are powered by Solar PV, and excess energy is fed back to the utility grid using a Grid-Tie system.



Shashidhara Kumaraswamy

Blueray Solar is a dream company started by seasoned IT executitve Shashi Kumaraswamy, who played instrumental role in executing major IT projects in Mobile and Wireless space. With a zeal to enter cleantech space and promote adoption of solar PV by the community, he started Blueray Solar. Shashi has spent last few years researching and identifying right mix of solutions and products that are affordable in Indian context. He is experienced in designing BIPV, Grid-tied systems and Smart metering solutions.

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Blueray Solar conducts research to improve solar PV efficiency, by harnessing maximum power from PV cells.We have also done research on charge controllers such as MPPT based controllers and also in energy storage space.

Here are our research achievements :