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About meditation
Meditation has a long christian tradition. It has its roots in the third century after Christ. At that time numerous men and women went to seek God in the desert. Today we call them the desert fathers. When we read the bible we discover that God himself calls us to meditate on his words. The word meditate means to contemplate something or to reflect on something. When God tells us to meditate on his words he wants us to gain a deeper understanding and to discover more of him. It's not only about cognitive understanding but more about understanding with the heart and the whole being. In the Jesus Words meditation the words are repeated. This meditation style is called „lectio divina“ („holy reading“). It follows a monastic tradition. The repetition helps to keep the words in mind and heart.

About Jesus Words
At Jesus Words we focus on the teachings of Jesus because we believe that they have power to change our lives and to give us a new perspective. Jesus had a very intimate, close relationship to God. He called God „father“. Jesus says: „I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.“ (John 14,6) We believe that there is so much to explore about these words, about Jesus and about this very special relationship to God as a father. The verses we use in the meditations are from the „World English Bible“. This is a public domain translation.

About us
Jesus Words was originally created by Dominik and Norina. In 2015 we sold all our belongings and started traveling. In India we discovered the Jesus-centered meditation. We experienced that this meditation style is a wonderful opportunity to have a personal encounter with God. We are excited about the fact that people with different spiritual backgrounds open up their hearts in the quietness and let themselves be touched by the words of Jesus. In 2018 we went through the process of seperation as a couple and Norina decided as well to not further contribute to Jesus Words Meditation. For me it is important that Jesus Words is and stays for free. If you can and want to support my work and empower me to create more content I appreciate your support by spreading the word or making a donation. Thank you!