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72 ~ FireFlyz
canget one all over again.
to do something you truly love to do. Keep
yourself withwhat you can if youwork hard
andbelieve you can.
Food is such an overlooked blessing, yet if
youmiss it for a few hours you start feeling
thenecessityof it.Wesometimes forget that
there are many out there who do not know
where their nextmeal is coming from.
that is, savor each bite and remind yourself
that happiness is found in enjoying the
simple things of life, such as eating a nice
slice of cake.
You have the opportunity to build
global friendships
In today’s day and age - with all the techno-
logicalmarvels that areavailable-your best
friend can literally be five thousand miles
away yet you can still experience thebeauty
ity to be acquaintances with one person in
no other generation before the 1900’s was
easily able todo.Howamazing is that?
Life may sometimes feel
like it is falling apart at
the seams. Perhaps you
have lost your job, or your
marriage just ended and
now you are simply feeling
helpless and defeated.
Fireflyz shares reasons
to remind you why - even
though you may be feeling
a bit like a failure - you are
most definitely not.
Youhave livedand learnt
No one said life was easy and while the
bumps on the road may hurt, the ride is
anddefeats.Youmustknowtheywereall for
a reasonandpart of agrander plan.
Each difficulty has led you to where you
are at today, each trial has molded you into
the magnificent, resilient, person that you
and love, knowing that each experience has
taught you what you need to become who
youwere born to be.What does not kill you
makes you stronger.
Youkeepstrivingtobetter yourself
Feeling a bit down because you have not
achieved what you want to achieve is a
strong indicator that you have not given up
and are still trying. In the larger scheme of
things, youalways strive tobebetter and for
as longasyoucontinuetodothat,happiness,
successandlovewill come.Persevereanddo
not giveup.
Youhave,orhavehad,a job
However you look at this one, it is awin-win
situation for you. If you have a job, that is
great! If yourecently lostyour job,donotget
toodown. Youhave gottena jobbefore, you
You Are
Doing Fine