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FireFlyz ~ 71
Keep It Reel
ReleaseDate: Nov 24
Language: English
The star-studdedmovie is an ad-
aptation of the non-fiction book “A
LongWayHome” by Saroo Brierley. It
all begins when five-year-old Saroo
accidentally boards awrong train
that takes himthousands of miles
away fromhis home and his family.
With noway of returning home,
Saroo facesmany challenges and
is finally adopted by an Australian
family. 25 years later, with help from
Google Earth, Saroo is determined
to find his long lost family.
ReleaseDate: Dec 1
Language: English
Dr. Seth Ember is wheelchair
bound after an accident but gifted
with the ability to enter theminds
of the possessed to exorcise them
fromthe inside out.When the
Vatican enlists himto exorcise a
particularly troubled young boy,
Ember is shocked to discover the
same evil spirit responsible for the
death of his wife and child years
before is inside the poor helpless
KeepingUpWithThe Joneses
ReleaseDate: Nov 24
Language: English
Not to be confusedwith the reality
showof the same name, the Joneses
are a suburban couplewho get
entangled in an international spy
plot after they find out that their
newneighbours, who seemperfect
and normal, are actually govern-
ment spies.
Underworld: BloodWars
ReleaseDate: Dec 1
Language: English
BloodWars is another instalment of the
successful Underworld series starring
Kate Beckinsale. This time,Michael
searches for Selene and their daughter
after regaining hismemory.Meanwhile,
Vampires and Lycans are facing off against
a new species of half breeds created by
Alexander Corvinus.
Movie Mania!
Horror, adventure and action dominate the widescreen
this month. Book your tickets and get your popcorn ready
because you are in for a wild ride!
ReleaseDate: Nov 24
Language: English
“Worry doll” is a type of handmade
doll for children to soothe their
troubles. In ancient Guatemalan
tradition, it is something that is
encouraged to be used by parents.
Unfortunately, the supposedly
harmless,mystical practice turns
into a gory game as it is exploited
by a bloodthirsty serial killer who
is responsible for a series of brutal
murders and pitts a detective against
the clock to save his daughter’s life.