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Art Scene
Beautiful And Delicate
Art is a field that is completely unrestricted, hence why a lot of people find freedom in it.
There are so many different forms of art with no constraints or limits to them. Jonathan Yun
is a sculptural jewellery artist who makes wearable art pieces which are unique.
to the artist about his sources of inspiration and the creative processes involved.
based in
Penang,Malaysia, Jona-
than Yunwas an RMIT
University Australia
graduatewhoworked as
a designer in various companies like RISIS
Singapore and Royal Selangor in Kuala
Lumpur before finallymanaging to gather
enough resources - as well as working up
the courage - to venture on his ownwith
Jonathan Yun Sculptural Jewelry.
“It all came about after saving bit by bit
to buy jewellery equipment until I was
able to assemble aworkshop in the base-
ment of my house. There, I would sculpt
the pieces after work and finally had the
guts to quitmy job and start a little atelier
inmy hometown of Penang,” explains Yun.
Mind sketches
His inspiration comes fromthe things
that he is passionate about.Most of the
time, it is nature and his cultural heritage.
Stepping into his store inGeorgetown,
Penang is likewalking into a space filled
withmeticulously sculpturedminiatures
of everything that can be found in the
Pearl of Orient, alongwith other beautiful
elements that he picked up fromhis
“I getmost of my ideas while on
vacation as it is the only time that I free
upmymind to explore. Once I have found
the subject of inspiration, I would begin
a series of mind sketches, and if need be,
actual sketches on pieces of paper. Once I
amback fromthe trip, I beginwork on the
actual piece onwax. The design can still
change as it evolves and blossoms until it
finds its way to come to a rest,” says Yun.
Yun also believes in staying true towho
he is an artist, which is why he never really
models his work after any other artists or
designers. However, the essence of works
by some artists does spark off his creative
process - for instance artists like Amedeo
Modigliani - a painter whoseworks he
finds very sensuous and Russian-born
French artist and designer, Ertewho
speaks to himthrough his fantasy world
art pieces. “My approach tomy design is
more fromthe point of viewof an artist
where concept and content are of utmost
importance,” says Yun.
Phoenix Tail Ring
and Earrings from
Vintage Collection.
Peranakan Belt
Choker fromVintage