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Our Children
Anshul Ramprasa
is a 14-
year old student in high-
school, pursuing his passions
around technology, scuba-
diving and building complex
lego contraptions. He loves
to travel, try various dishes
from around the world
and is constantly learning
about technologies and
contraptions on the internet.
He speaks out about the
importance of conservation
drives for the ocean.
are very
large and important
to our lives. The ocean
is a source of food
and income formany
people living in coastal regions. Fisher-
menmake a living from it and peoplewho
live in villages on thewater survive off it.
The ocean, however, is being throttled
every day by pollution and secondary
factors like global warming and even the
lack of human awareness.
Many lifeforms and ecosystems exist
within it andmillions of symbiotic
relationships can be observed. An initia-
tive known as Project AWARE (spear-
headed by the International Professional
Association of Diving Instructors, or PADI
for short) helps bring together concerned
individuals in a bid to clean and preserve
the oceans.
Pollution destroys the aforementioned
ecosystems and symbiotic relationships.
By dumpingmaterials like trash and
unwanted chemicals, the ocean’s quality
and sustainability is diminished substan-
tially. Secondary factors such as global
warming have a negative impact on the
oceans as well. Scientists, oceanographers
and geologists predict that water levels
will rise by 2050 and thatmany coastal
cities and islands will be devoured by the
We can help save the ocean by changing
our lifestyle and also our view towards it.
By reducing the demand for products and
by not dumping the unwanted chemicals
andwaste into the ocean, we help clean
the ocean.
Scuba divers fromProject AWAREwork
restlessly day and night to clean up and
preserve our oceans.Many creatures are
being overfished and killed. The contro-
versial ‘shark fin soup’ is one instance of
human apathy.
In order to obtain the fins for the soup,
sharks are caught and their fins cut.
Later the sharks are thrown back into
For A
This youngman is
passionate about our