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The Price Is Right
Being in charge of a company’s revenue is quite a responsibility to carry. It requires a
lot of planning ahead as well as quick decision-making. As Firefly’s Associate, Revenue
Management, Shaliza Liyana Norhaiddin has been doing so for almost five years and is still
very passionate about her job.
What are your responsibilities as a
I am in charge of managing flights by set-
ting the price based on current demand. I
also ensure profit orminimise the loss for
daily flights, which requiresme to think
ahead on how to increase the load factor.
Canyou tell us a littlemore about
your background?
I was born in Kuala Lumpur and raised in
Kajang. I graduated
with a Bachelor inHospitalityManage-
mentmajor in Tourism fromUniversiti
Tun Abdul Razak (UniRazak).
What sort of skills andknowledge
is needed for your position?
Analytical and critical thinking is crucial.
The ability tomake good decisions is
also important, especially in setting the
right fares whichwill ensure profits to the
Whatwere you
doingprior tobeing
This ismy first job since
I graduated inDecember
2012. I started off in Firefly
as a practical trainee in
May 2012 before being
absorbed as a permanent staff inOctober
2012. I was in theMarketing and Com-
municationDepartment (Firefly Holiday)
for eightmonths before I decided to
challengemyself to learn something new
and joined the Revenue Department.
Howmuchhas your previous
experiencehelpedyou inyour
current role?
I was a fresh graduatewhen I joined
the company. To be frank, I had zero
knowledge in revenue, statistics and
anything related tomy current job. All
my colleaguesmostly graduated in
Actuarial Science and Statistic but I took
the challenge to learn fromscratch.
Finally I managed to catch up and domy
job successfully.
What is a typical day for aAssoci-
ate,RevenueManagement like
I manage the fares on a daily basis to
ensure it is profitable or else I need to
minimise the losses. I trymy best to stay
Shaliza at work.
A day out at
Esplanade Singapore.
Heading to Kota Bharu
with her colleagues.