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Check In
54 ~ FireFlyz
Reuben Miranda
checks into the recently
renovated Naumi Hotel in Singapore and steps into
a very impressive oasis of calm and tranquility.
you are
in Singapore for
business or pleasure,
there are no short-
ages of hotels to stay
at. If you are looking for somewhere that
is classily understated, Naumi Hotel is the
place to head to. Opened in 2007, with a
major renovation been done three years
ago, it features 73 stylish guestrooms,
fully-equippedmeeting and event spaces,
a destination restaurant and a redesigned
infinity pool.
I arrived at the hotel feeling a bit silly,
as I had given the taxi driver thewrong
address. Fortunately hewas kind enough
to ring themto get the correct address
and I soon foundmyself atmy intended
One of the first things that you notice
when youwalk in themain doors is
the small fountain that provides a very
pleasant and relaxing rippling sound. The
uniforms that the staff wear are very cool
as well, looking verymuch like runway
clothing. Featuring an avant-garde twist,
thewomen’s uniform features a soft yet
structural capewith gold collar clips,while
themenwear a deconstructed blazer with
amodern split tailcoat.
After being quickly checked in, I made
my way up tomy room. The hotel has
four categories of rooms, Habitat and
Patio, as well as their Coco Chanel and
AndyWarhol inspired themed rooms. I
was allocated one of their Habitat rooms.
Here is a little tip for you: look down if you
want to find your room. The doors are not
numbered. Instead, the roomnumbers
are at the bottom left of the door on the
floor. Tookme awhile to figure that out.
TheHabitat room, was tome, perfect.
Some hotel rooms aremassive, with high
tech desks, ergonomic chairs andwhat
not. This roomhad all the basics but set
in a classy way. A separate bathroomand
shower, with a sink set in an island. A
big, comfortable bed and a deskwith a
chair. The shower features a rain shower
as well as a normal shower head, and an
extremely wonderful feature is a sliding
pantry, where the coffeemachine and
other amenities live. Slide it out when you
want a coffee or tea, slide it back into its
crevassewhen you are done.
One of the first things
that you noticewhen
youwalk in themain
doors is the small
fountain that provides
a very pleasant and
relaxing rippling sound.
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Singapore fromvarious
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