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50 ~ FireFlyz
A Fan-tastic Affair
Judika is without a doubt one of Indonesia’s hottest
singing sensations, making waves in his homeland and the
neighbouring countries like Malaysia and Singapore. Since
winning second place in Season 2 of Indonesian Idol back
in 2005, Judika has built a name for himself, churning one
hit song after another, along with a budding new career in
acting which has had a very positive response.
his new
single titled “Jadi Aku
Sebentar Saja,” (Becoming
MeMomentarily), the
singer with amazing vocal
talks to Fireflyz about his beloved fans and
the process of creating hismuch awaited
new single..
Whatmakes your fans
(Judikaholics) special to you?
My fans hold special significance inmy
heart becausemy success of building a
career in themusic and entertainment
industry is a result of their relentless
support, which I received right from
the very beginning. That is why - in the
process of producingmy newalbum- the
first concept that I proposed tomy label
was to getmy fans involved in the process
by creating a songwriting competition.