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The Happiest Day
Of Your Life?
Weddings are one of the
most stressful events anyone
can plan, so why did a pair
of sisters decide to team up
and do it for a living?
meets the ladies behind
Whydidyouwant to set upa
weddingplanner business?
We loveweddings! This business idea
started after our respectiveweddings.
We realised that the “happily ever after”,
stress-free notion of wedding planning
is possible for every bride if they hire
the right wedding planner. And thus,
we decided to be part of this industry.
Furthermore, we love the fact that we get
to bemarried over, and over, and over and
over again; different colour, different style,
different people.
Howlonghave youknowneach
other andwhydidyouwant to
work together?
We have known each other for ap-
proximately six years now. This business
partnership is verymuch based on our
passion and the transcendent bond of
sisterhood (we are sisters-in-law).We are
both very different individuals with lots of
threads that tie us together.
Whydo youwork sowell together?
We can practically finish each other’s
sentences, communicatewith our eyes,
andwe do not have toworry about how
wemake each other feel.We have been
very frank fromthe start and there is a lot
of love, openness and joy thatmakes this
partnership perfect.More importantly, we
take pride inwhat we do.
Whatwere your ownweddings
EvelynNg (EN):
My family is pretty huge
Thewedding planners
love giving each couple
the happiest day of their
lives. (Credit: Louis Loo)
Awedding planner gets to enjoyweddings again
and again! (credit NdrewPhotography)