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42 ~ FireFlyz
The lady is an actress,
singer, fashion designer
and the star of her own
reality show, Facing
Up To Fazura. Nur
Fazura Sharifuddin,
better known
as Fazura, is
a very busy
lady who has
many balls in
the air.
recently had
the opportunity
to have a
quick chat with
this versatile
entertainer who
never goes anywhere
without her mobile
phone … or two …
is one of those
peoplewho has that
ability to put you at ease
as soon as shemeets
you. She exudes charm
and confidence and is very easy on the
eyes. The only girl in a family of four, she
admits to having been a real girly-girl as a
childwho loved the colour pink.
She admits to being slightly spoilt by her
parents, but the flip side of that is that shewas
themost independant. This independence
and confidence has certainly served her
A Doll!