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36 ~ FireFlyz
streets of Bangsar
see amyriad of watering
holes, some catered to
sports enthusiasts and
some tailored to get the
attention of themore affluent. Amidst the
hustle and bustle is The Bngsr Tavern, a
cozy bar that falls in neither the first nor
second category but is instead touted as a
local tavernwith a fusion twist.
Mix it again, Sam
Having opened their doors in July 2014,
the bar lives by theirmotto - “let the
happiness roll” - and has come a longway
with a throng of customers who have
become regulars, looking for perfect pints
andmastered cocktails.
Anyonewhowalks in is welcomed by
thewarmambience that is created by the
partial brickwall designed interior paired
with soft, cascading yellow lights and
Rowena Jo Fernandez
strolls the streets of
Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur and
finds herself being drawn
towards The Bngsr Tavern,
home to beer promotions,
tantalising cocktails and
delicious pizzas.
Balls ... Lamb
meatballs in a spicy
Italian Sugo.
comfy wooden chairs and tables.While the environment sets a certainmood, owner and
founder, Kumar Subramaniam is often found on the floor, charming customers with his
friendly personality and ensuring customers are happy as can be.
Behind the sleek bar top, youwill find Sam, an admirable bartender who is always
mixing up good cocktails, served faultlessly each time. Beers and classic cocktails aside,
their bestsellers include the house take on a
Whisky Sour
, the
Jungle Bird
, andmy personal
favorite, the
Tuak Twist Yapple
This is a concoction based on amarriage of vodka and
(palmwine), pulled
together with a splash of fruit-flavoured syrup, grenadine and lemon juice. Trustme
when I say that it is delicious. Bottle purchases are all themorewelcome and youwill find
that the spirits are set at a certain standard as you spot the good stuff including the likes
of Monkey ShoulderWhisky andHendricks Gin. Designated drivers should not fret as
there aremocktails that are someticulously crafted theymake up for the lack of alcohol.
A Sip Of