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32 ~ FireFlyz
shares some cool
Instagram accounts to follow
other than your family
members and friends.
is not really the latest craze in social networking as it has been
around since 2010. Instagram is a free photo sharing application that allows
users to take a photo or video and apply a digital filter before sharing it with their
followers, not only on the app but also on other social networking services like
Twitter and Facebook.
The appwas firstmade available only for iPhone users before the Android versionwas
introduced in 2012. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, Instagram is only available as amobile
app. The users cannot upload photos or videos fromthe computer. Only viewing of
uploaded photos is possible.
It is always nice to seewhat our friends and familymembers are up to on Instagram
but there countless other interesting accounts out there to followbased our interests.
Fromphotography and poetry to fashion and comedy, here are a fewworthy Instagram
accounts that youmight want to check out.
BradGoreski used to be Rachel Zoe’s long
time side-kick/assistant in her TV show,
Rachel Zoe Project. He is nowbranching
out on his own, releasing a book and
styling celebs on the red-carpet. Brad is a
funny guy and his love for fashionmakes
himworth following.
Eva Chen is the editor of Luckymagazine.
She posts photos of all the latest beauty
products available (sometimes even those
that are not yet available) in themarket,
alongwith her back-of-the-cab signature
pose showcasing her accessories of the
This one is for all of you food lovers out
there. You get to see plenty of finished
dishes, raw ingredients, fresh products
as well as photos of Jamie Oliver’s family,
friends, and dogs among others.
Colour gradients have never lookedmore
delicious. BrittanyWright showcases
rainbowsmade of food in her Instagram
feed.Whowould have thought burnt
toast could look so good in a photo!