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30 ~ FireFlyz
Home Is Where
The Heart Is
Refreshing one’s home is
a great way of brightening
up the place that we are
most comfortable in.
Fireflyz shares some ideas
on quick ways to instantly
update your living space.
home shouldbe
the reflectionofwho
we are andmirror our
personalities inone
way or another. Turning
ahouse into ahome ismucheasier these
dayswhenan interior designer is just one
appointment away. But before youmake
that appointment andget all workedup
about the limitedbudget that youhave,
wehave a fewsimple pointers toget you
startedon your homemakeover.
Vintage inspiredrugs
Youmay stick toplainwalls butmix things
upwithpatterns on your rugs.Geometric
designsmight do the trick.
Addingmirrors helps
to create the illusionof
more spacious areas
and they alsohelp to
redistribute the natural
light that is available to
various spaces,making
thewhole area feel
bigger andbrighter.
Add some greens to
your life. If youare one of
those peoplewhonever
seemtobe able to keep
plants alive for long,
pottedplants like ferns,
Chinese evergreens and
cactus are just perfect
as they requireminimal
care andnot toomuch
Wall treatment
Invest inwall art and
decorations that truly
representwho youare as
the owner of thehouse.
It does not have tobe
expensive. You caneven
frame postcards and
posters that youhave
pickedup fromyour
travels. Anicely framed
picture or postcard
instantly transforms any
wall andadds individual-
You spendat least six to sevenhours a
day inbedand youdeserve toget a good
night sleepafter the longhours that are
put inatwork.Make sure your pillows are
comfortable andget bedsheets that are
comfortable andapleasure to lie on. Your
comforter shouldbe at a level of thickness
that is just right for you.
There are also awide rage of really
creatively designedbedlinenout there, so
pick one that really jazzes up your bed.
Scented candle is the cheapestway toget
ridofmusty odors andunwanted smells
fromyour house.Not only that, the variety
of shapes and colours that they come in
make theman instant decoration itemto
be added to your space.
A couch-preferably leather - is another
must have. Even if youare living a tiny
matchbox space that you call anapart-
ment, a couch isworthevery inch that it
takes up.A couch ismulti-functional. You
canenjoy your favorite television show
on it, readabook - andwhenever the
unexpectedguest crashes at your house - it
candouble upas abed.
Mirrors helps
to create the
illusion of more
spacious areas.
Add some greens
to your life.
Scented candle
is the cheapest
way to get rid
of musty odors
and unwanted
A couch is an ultimatemust-have