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28 ~ FireFlyz
In this grippingpage-turner, anex-agent on the run
fromher former employersmust take onemore
case to clear her name and saveher life. She used
towork for theUnitedStates government, but very
fewpeople ever knewthat.An expert inher field,
shewas one of thedarkest secrets of anagency
so clandestine it does not evenhave aname. And
when they decided shewas a liability, they came
for herwithoutwarning.Now, she rarely stays in
the same place or uses the same name for long.
They’ve killed the only other person she trusted, but
something she knows still poses a threat.
Theywant her dead, and soon.Whenher former
handler offers her away out, she realizes it’s her
only chance to erase the giant target onher back. But itmeans takingone last job for her
ex-employers. Toher horror, the information she acquires onlymakes her situationmore
dangerous. Resolving tomeet the threat headon, she prepares for the toughest fight of her
life, but finds herself falling for amanwho canonly complicateher likelihoodof survival.
In this tautly plottednovel,Meyer creates afierce and fascinatingnewheroinewitha
very specialised skill set. And she shows once againwhy she is one of theworld’s bestselling
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An incredible journey, an ex-agent on the run from her own government and a
whistleblowing lawyer are some of the stories featured in this month’s book selections.
Publisher: Simon&
Since the veryfirst publicationof
The Secret adecade ago, Rhonda
Byrne’s bestsellingbookhas
brought forthan explosionof
real people sharing real stories
of howtheir lives havemiracu-
lously changed for the better.
HowThe Secret ChangedMy
Life presents a selectionof the
most heartwarming andmoving
stories inone inspirational
Each storyprovides anauthen-
tic, real-life illustrationof the
pathway that leads to success in
every area of life:money, health,
relationships, love, family and
career. The people inHowThe
Secret ChangedMy Life show
time andagain that noone is
excluded fromliving the life of
their dreams.
Jodi Picoult
Ruth Jefferson is a labor anddelivery nurse at
aConnecticut hospital withmore than twenty
years’ experience.Duringher shift, Ruthbegins a
routine check-uponanewborn, only tobe tolda
fewminutes later that shehas been reassigned to
another patient. The parents arewhite suprema-
cists anddonotwant Ruth, anAfricanAmerican,
to touch their child. Thehospital complieswith
their request, but the next day, the baby goes into
cardiac distresswhileRuth is alone in the nursery.
Does she obey orders or does she intervene?
Ruthhesitates before performingCPRand,
as a result, is chargedwitha serious crime.
KennedyMcQuarrie, awhite public defender, takes her case but gives
unexpectedadvice: Kennedy insists thatmentioning race in the courtroom is not a
winning strategy.
As the trialmoves forward, JeffersonandMcQuarrie must gain eachother’s trust
and come to see thatwhat they’ve been taught theirwhole lives about others - and
themselves -might bewrong.