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FireFlyz ~ 25
members performelaborate “Gods Patrol”
rituals every three years to seek divine
protection and blessings for the island.
Feast on catchof theday
One of the big draws for people to visit
Pulau Ketam is for the fresh seafood. To
earn a living,many locals have set up
shops selling assorted seafood products
such as dried prawns, anchovies, salted
fish and prawn paste. At a stall that was
set up outside a seafood restaurant, we
could not resist tucking into a plate of
fried eggs with oysters (RM10) and even
asked for seconds.
For a cool treat, try the fried ice-cream in
flavours such as yam, strawberry, vanilla
or chocolate, at a shop near the Pulau Ke-
tam Inn. Or quench your thirst with a glass
(or two) of fresh sugarcane juice, which
is commonly found here. Before leaving,
youmust indulge in seafood dishes at
restaurants offering local specialties such
as chilli or sweet and sour crabs, butter
prawns and bamboo shell clams.
This really is an excellent place to head
too for a quick getaway. The air is clear, the
food fresh and the people friendly. Crab
walk your way over there.
nets, workers repairing boat engines
and other equipment inworkshops, and
familiesmarinating and putting out
salted fish to dry on plank-walks.
Look closer and youwill discover the
simple rain harvestingmethod commonly
used here. It consists of a pipe connected
to the rooftop of a housewith the other
end placed at the lip of a big container.
Moving around at a leisurely pace, we
also discovered shops still practicing dying
traditional crafts, such as boat-building
by hand. The island hasmany Chinese
temples too, such as Hock Leng Keng. At
Nang ThiamKeng temple, its committee
Ferries, fishing boats and
wooden houses on stilts are
common at Pulau Ketam.
To earn a living,many locals
have set up shops selling
assorted seafood products.
Fresh seafood is a big draw
for people to visit.