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Pulau Ketam is a fuss-free getaway popular among day-trippers who are looking for an
escape from frenetic Kuala Lumpur, just a short driving distance away. A ferry ride from Port
Klang takes you to the laidback island with a population of 6,000, mainly Chinese from the
Teochew and Hokkien clans.
not as
attractive as other
islands inMalaysia,many
visitors still go for the
tranquility and even take
their children along to experience simple
pleasures and rustic lifestyles. Not being
one tomiss out on something like this,
TanHeeHui goes to investigate the area
with his friends.
Due to the high humidity, it is a good
idea to carry a bottle of water and sun-
block lotionwhile navigating plank-walks
and the 11 bridges that connect the
island andmangroves, wheremonkeys
and diverse bird species thrive.Wooden
houses built on stilts along the coastal
areas and inland exude a genteel vibe.
There are twomain village settlements:
Kampung Sungai Lima and Kampung Pu-
lau Ketam. The latter –with only twomain
streets linedwith small shops, restaurants
and a bank –pulls inmore tourists. Cars
are not allowed on the island. You can
explore it on foot or bicycles available for
rental at some shops.
All inaday’swork
Relying on fishing and tourism, you
will see local folks doing things such as
manually peeling prawns to bemade into
pastes, women repairing damaged fishing
Photo & Words: Tan Hee Hui
FIishing is still themain source
of income at Pulau Ketam.