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FireFlyz ~ 23
If you happen to have toomuch
luggage, you can opt to hop in
a 4X4 pickup truck that will
take you right across the river.
The beauty of Nature is
right at your doorstep,
calming stressed nerves and
encouraging rest .
to get your blood pumping in this hidden
getaway. Take on the current when you
grab a tube and head down to the deeper
side of the river for awild ride.
If you arewith a group of likeminded
thrill-seeking friends, whitewater rafting
is definitely theway to go. After you have
had your fill of playing by the river, enjoy
a bird’s eye viewof Kuala Kubu Baru’s lush
greenery by paragliding over it all. If you
would rather get up close and personal
withNature, take a trek through the
jungle and discover hiddenmining trails
and exotic insects while enjoying the fresh
Many of us often hit a point wherewe
need to disconnect fromthe hectic world
that we live in and reconnect withMother
Nature. If you prefer some quiet time over
gettingwet andwild, a nap in a hammock
with nothing but rustling leaves to lull you
to sleep is the perfect remedy.
It is also the best spot to start that book
you have always beenmeaning to read
too. The river at The Sticks caters to all,
young and old. The shallowend is great
for kids to splash about and enjoy the
cool clear water or just chill out in tubes.
A small
by the river is a great spot
to read, write,meditate or practice some
yogawith the sounds of flowingwater to
help you relax.
LivingOff The Land
At The Sticks, Nature is embraced as a
part of the entire experience. How? You
can enjoy a refreshing shower in your
with coolingwater fromSungai
Meranti. Not toworry though, there are
gas powered heaters for hot showers too
on coldmornings.
A combination of solar panels and
generators help store and utilise energy at
the right times of the day. Youwill not go
hungry at The Sticks. The vegetables and
fresh fruits served here come right from
the garden. Asian andWestern delicacies
are on themenu and there is even the
choice of a barbeque dinner if you fancy it.
The next time a longweekend pops up
on your calendar, youmight want to take a
slowdrive to Kuala Kubu Baru and experi-
ence glamping for yourself.Whether
you are looking to get away from it all for
somemuch needed peace and quiet, or if
you are on the lookout for adventure, The
Sticks has something for everyone.