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22 ~ FireFlyz
Get Lost,
When you spend most of your weekdays counting
down to the weekend, you know you need some time
out. A quick trip to The Sticks in Kuala Kubu Baru
might be just what your soul requires.
an hour and tenminutes
away fromthe hustle and
bustle of Kuala Lumpur lies a
hidden getaway that needs to
be seen to be believed. Even
the drive to this eco resort is a relaxing and
seemingly quick one, thanks to the green
hills you see out your windowon theway
Just behind some shaggy
(rough sheltermade of scraps of wood,
cardboard or corrugated iron) by the side
of the road, lies a natural gemwaiting to
be uncovered. If you happen to have too
much luggage, you can opt to hop in a 4X4
pickup truck that will take you right across
the river.
Otherwise, you can always snap that
Instaworthy shot when youwalk across a
private bridgewith the river right below
you. Instagramaddicts, your followers will
thank you.
Thrill Seekers
Chances are that you have probably
stayed in a chalet or a tree house before,
but what about a
? This is a cozy
combination of a tent and a
, which
is perfect for a truly rustic living experi-
ence amidst nature.
Fret not, there is no tent to pitch or
sleeping bag to unroll here. Just comfy
beds, hot showers, andmosquito nets.
Plus, the calming sounds of the flowing
river are never too far away. There is even
with steps that leads straight into
the river.
This is definitely a place adrenaline
junkies to rejoice. There is a lot to do here
Staying in a tendok is a truly
rustic living experience.
Many of us often hit a point
wherewe need to disconnect
from the hectic world that
we live in and reconnect with
Mother Nature.
Photo & Words: Michelle Francis