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20 ~ FireFlyz
Jalan Tun Abdul Razak is known for its bargain shopping and popular night
Hannef Esquander
braves the blazing heat and wanders this historical
street to experience it first hand.
the skyscrapers and neon
lights, old Kuala Lumpur
still still thrives and is
surviving the changes that
have taken place. Jalan Tuanku Abdul
Rahman - fondly known by the locals as
Jalan TAR -was the epitome of the Kuala
Lumpur shopping experience back in the
day beforemodern shopping complexes
took themetropolitan city by storm. Jalan
TAR hasmanaged tomaintain its identity
despite the changes around it. Perhaps a
little bit rawand rough around the edges,
but these are the qualities thatmake a day
spent at Jalan TAR beautiful.
This stretch of road is lined by pre-war
buildings; all with distinctive facades
that have been preserved and readapted
to accommodatemodern retailing
Slightly Jaded Gem
Walking along Jalan TAR
will put a smile on your face.
Three-storey colonial
shoplots have been
maintaining the original