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16 ~ FireFlyz
Guy Talk
If You Love Someone …
Men are often heard saying that
women are hard to understand. It is
true that relationships can be hard
work sometimes, but there are certain
things that you guys can do that will
show your love and appreciation
towards your wife or girlfriend. It
actually is not that hard and
shares some tips.
Cook for her
Do not use the really crappy excuse “I do not knowhow
to cook”, because that just will not cut it.With countless
cookbooks out there, you have no reason to not whip up
a decentmeal. Even if the end result ismoreMcDonalds
thanMichelin star, shewill really appreciate your efforts.
Listen toher
Girls love talking and need to vent asmuch as guys do, so
you need to have good ears. It is not only your problems
and support for which you have a girl in your life. Pay
attention towhat she says. Try to give some proper advice
for her problems or just an appropriate response towhat
she is saying.
Knowing that you are listeningwill have ease her
frustration and stress. Remember, talking and listening to
each othermakes a relationship stronger.
Compliment her
If she has spent a considerable amount of time getting
ready for a night out, do not just look at her and ask if
she is ready to gowhen she presents herself looking as
glamorous as can be.
Compliment her, tell her that she looks great, beautiful
and then hold her hand and be proud. She ismuchmore
likely to have a great night if it starts off on a good note.
And remember, she has taken all that effort to look good
for you as well.
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