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10 ~ FireFlyz
Firefly News
Firefly Brings Us Closer Through
The 100% Malaysian Carnival
Airlines has set
a newMalaysian record for
themost number of origami
paper planes displayed on
a board, which formed the
airline logo. The recordwas set with a total
of 5,770 origami paper planes during the
event held on Sept 24,
2016 at The Curve.
“Wewould like to go beyond just being
an airline and this is our attempt to do
so.We are so proud of this award,” said
Chief Executive Officer of Firefly, Ignatius
Ong, after receiving the certificate from
a representative fromMalaysian Book of
Performances from famousMalaysian
artists likeMan Bai, Radhi Khalid, Nadia
AF, Alex Subryn andGary Yap kept the
crowd engaged and excited. A giant
chalkboardwas placed at The Piazza area
where passers-by were allowed to share
their thoughts and feelings about being
100%Malaysian. By the end of the day,
the chalkboardwas filledwith somuch
love of being aMalaysian.
The event saw theweekend crowd
participating in the various competitions
held such as the
Nasi Lemak
Teh Tarik
Bungkus TheNasi Lemak
competition and
Malaysian Fruit Eating competition. Each
competition had 10 participants and the
winners whowalked away proudly as a
wereMohd Syarizal Bin
Abidin fromCheras, Abdul Aziz BinMohd
Soffian fromKepong, Norazhanie Binti
Abu fromKuala Lumpur,Ms. LiawSiew
Lan fromMalacca and Ahmed Abdul Aziz
Matar fromDamansara.
“Be it
nasi lemak
chee cheong fun, tosai
, food has the power to bring
Malaysians together, regardless of race,
religion or background and eating is
a favourite national past time for all
Malaysians. Therefore, being a
airline, we decided to connect
and bring us all closer through the things
that bring out theMalaysian in you,” said a
much delightedOng.
Also present to launch the event was
IskandarMirza, Director of Domestic
PromotionDivision fromTourism
Malaysiawho said, “Malaysia is truly
unique in the sense that we are blessed
to be in amulticultural society. No doubt,
we are all about food and tradition and
culture.We use the language of food and
culture to enjoy, share and stay united.
Those are our weapons to tell theworld
that we are richwith varied cultures,
values and traditions.”
He carried on to say that that, in a
globalisedworld, being independent
does notmean thatMalaysians should
continue to do things on their own. He
stressed that they need to evolve to form
smart partnerships to take advantage
of speed and quality when delivering
products and services.
27 children fromRumah Kanak-Kanak
Tengku Budriah, Kuala Lumpur came to
join in the event andwere treatedwith
nasi lemak
Kampong Kravers. Later in the evening,
they partneredwith other childrenwho
visited themall via a Kids Colouring
competition session.
“Wewant everyone out here to know
that we are just not an ordinary airline.
We are a
airline that gives
people different experience altogether.
As for the underprivileged kids, wewant
themto be proud of being aMalaysian
and also to experience the various exciting
and fun activities that we are having
today,” addedOng.
The event saw theweekend crowd participating
in the various competitions held such as the Nasi
Lemak Eating competition, Teh Tarik competition,
Bungkus The Nasi Lemak competition and
Malaysian Fruit Eating competition.
A newMalaysian recordwas set
for the number of origami paper
planes that were used tomake this.