Realizing the Potential of AI to Benefit Humanity.

AIforGood.Asia is an initiative that promotes the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that enables AI to benefit everyone. Bringing together representatives of government, industry, academic and research institutes, within Asia to explore the potential of AI to accelerate progress in fields such as health, education, energy and the protection of our environment through training, policy guidance, and fundraising.

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AI will help to solve some of
the most pressing challenges
to our planet and its people.


Promoting the training to developing throughout Asia to help developing countries realize the benefits of the coming AI revolution.


Accelerating the development of AI policies that can address specific global challenges related to poverty, hunger, health, equality, education, and the environment.


Coordinating sponsorship and fundraising for events and initiatives that promote the use of AI to enhance human dignity and serve the global good.

A platform for discussion to make sure we use AI to enhance human dignity and serve the global good.

“We are strongly committed to promoting cooperation on the issue of AI development within Asia. The implications for development are both a huge opportunity and a huge risk.

Asia can gain significantly from the benefits of AI, and can play a leadership role, but it is crucial that the technologies being developed ethically, sustainable and in a way the benefits all of humanity. The AIforGood.Asia initiative aims to steer AI development that benefits humanity and bolsters these shared values”.

Jesse Arlen Smith
Founder AIforGood.Asia

Developing Countries in Asia

Asia has a lot to gain from AI, but unless we are vigilant, the developing countries may also have the most to lose. Technology leading countries must take a leadership role to help the developing countries develop properly so they can reap the benefits of AI. We need to avoid a deepening of the digital divide, so the benefits of AI can be distributed equitably and we feel Asia can play a leadership role in this global mission.

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