We bring you the market, improve your operation and provide security with IT professional.

Digital Marketing

We bring you to your target market as close as it was never imagined with such approaches that have never appeard.

Web Application

We apply the latest technology to help you improve productivity and save cost with our professional service.

IT Security

We provide timely IT support to ensure your operation 100% continuity and security.


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IT Security


Our business developed with magic~

  • 2001-2006

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Richard came to study in National University of Singapore under MOE Scholarship. 4 years later Richard got his Doctor degree in Data Analysis Computing.

  • May 2008

    IT Professionals

    The team founded the CD Office.

  • Feb 2014

    Serves in Singapore

    The team started to serve Singapore Government & SMEs with such a vision that it is the most reliable IT partner of the area. Our mission is to contribute value and make your business more success!

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    Of Our

Our Amazing Team

We are a team of Marketing professionals equiped with latest digital technologies.

Liang Mengxuan

Senior Consultant

Dr Liu Ruizhe Richard

Principal Architect

Zhao Ziji Magic

Lead Designer

Gao Shan

Lead Developer

The Wormwood team creates value for our dearest customers with passionate, profession and magic~

Global Expension

We have setup business development and start up project in Sichuan, Beijing and Hei Longjiang of China.

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